Alright, so if you actually pay attention to the title of this album submission: Amstertroit; you should be able to put the pieces together immediately. However, by track two you’ll understand the title perfectly. I know the sticks in the mud out there will hear rap in another language and automatically shut their ears off to it. This blog post does not apply to you. As you were. For those you who are constantly yearning for a new sound, we’re stepping out of our comfort zone to bring this album to you all tonight. I was completely impressed with the over production of this album. This is my first encounter with Soul Daad and Stereo Crew so I’ll still getting used to their sound, but I haven’t skipped a track on Amstertroit yet. has always essentially been entertaining on an international basis, which viewers coming in from over 100 countries worldwide, on a nightly basis. I know..dope shit right? Big up to this Amsterdam + Detroit connection. Let us know what you think about this album as a whole body of work. I’m guessing you all will be pleasantly surprised with the end result. Visit daily for new illness in the fields of music, video, fashion, beautiful women…those things. Safe!


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