LOCAL MUZIK! Alright guys and gals, we’re back in the house that CLP built with some dope music to start your life off right. #LOFT (Look Out For ‘Trol) is the freshly released EP from Local Muzik’s own Mari So Dope. I’ve listened to this record a few times now and am definitely pleased with the end result. For starters, Mari’s cadence is one of the most unique that I’ve ever heard, which makes his music stand out that much more. It also doesn’t hurt that the homie can actually spit bars, and deliver them with conviction. I’m liking the vibe of the album, and especially digging the production aspect of it. With 11 smooth flowing tracks, LOFT is the perfect length if this is your first encounter with Mari So Dope and Local Muzik. If you’re like me…and you’re not sleeping your life away, then this is an album should be exactly what you need to get through your day. Alec Burnright and I have had the pleasure of recording with these dudes, as well as vibing with them on the show circuit, so I can definitely attest to the legitimacy of their movement. Again, don’t sleep. TROL is a new sound, that is definitely worth your listen. If you think I’m wrong, let us know why…then…piss off because you’re clearly not listening properly. As always, share and enjoy, and don’t forget that a free stream and download of this record is available here…or below. Bless!

Highlight Tracks:

Look out for Trol

The Basics

With the waves to match



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