Wa gwan? Just got done streaming Annex’s new project, The Snooze Button; not bad. Lets jump right in. Off rip, the tone of the album is set with “Respect My Carpet.” I felt the production could have snapped more but it’s a powerful way to lead into the rest of the album: Welcome to my lane, watch me work. Leggo! The second verse on “Over My Dead Body” is raw; the beat was alright. I enjoyed Back to Back all the way through. That sample is dope and the verses were dope from all parties involved. David Bowes went in on the beat for “I Know,” and Annex went hard from the heart. Imagiin360 was a dope choice for a feature, with a flow reminiscent of G Dep. The production on “On My J-O” is beast. The hook is stupid funky. He says “fuck swag” but he brought the style tho. Love it. Big ups to Drumzz Beats for that one. I skipped Case Closed. Traxx Man produced track 7 – “Un-Fuckwitable” – which I loved when I first heard/posted it, and still do. Play it twice. I didn’t really care for the flow on “The Session” but the verses are worth a listen regardless. I skipped Zero to 60. Maybe I’m ADD or whatever, but I wish the beat on “This World” kept up with Annex’s verse on it. Give it a listen, you might disagree. “Don’t Remind Me” is an awesome track. Uptempo, but real. Funky, but raw. You gotta hear the last verse! LOL @ the T.D. Jakes line in “Pick It Up.” This track is cool, there’s some good lessons to be learned.

Overall I enjoyed The Snooze Button. Annex drops plenty of knowledge on this, and flexes some serious penmanship while doing so. Listen out for features from Red Mike, Slick Worthington, Laws, Vayga, FLuent, Knucklez, Mike Mass, Imagiin360, Aja Lorraine, Laz, J. Scriptz, B. Worthy & Jae. With production from Drumzz Beats, Jake Case, David Bowes, Traxx Mann & Don Gee. I did think the beats could go a little harder to match his presence overall, though there are some awesome productions on the album. Stream the album below, and purchase a copy here.

Check out this cypher video Annex was in before you go. No wait! He’s on this audio cypher, too.

Twitter: @AnnexHipHop