Alright boys and girls, it’s time to switch gears with me on this one. My lady @Aking_CLP put me onto Erik Rabasca, and because I trust her judgment in music (mostly because it’s probably better than yours), I gave it a whirl and I’m definitely digging it. I prefaced by saying switch gears with me, because I know we are all caught up in the day to day grind that is life. However, if you’re ever in need of a positive pick me up, then Erik Rabasca’s No More Division is definitely worth your time. No More Division is 12 tracks of absolutely positively uplifting feel good music, that pair Rabasca’s impeccable guitar skills and soulful vocals. The album as a whole is well produced and while it flows nicely. However, its so good that you can easily skip around and still enjoy it. Nice work Mr. Rabasca. This one is getting the thumbs up of approval. Share and enjoy. Be sure to visit daily for the best creative works from the most talented minds. You’re welcome.

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