Dope dope dope! Just started running through some submissions, and this Technicolor Daydreamer by Dave Amazin is doing it and saying it. For all you lazy folks out there, you’ll be happy to know that this album is only 8 tracks, which makes it a very easy project to vibe to. This is my first encounter from Dave Amazin, but there is definitely a different sound behind Technicolor Daydreamer. The selling point behind this album, was Dave’s attempt to make each record have it’s own unique sound and feel. He has definitely accomplished that, and for that, Technicolor Daydreamer is getting the thumbs up of approval. This album is available for free stream or download below. If you’re vibing to this one, then share and enjoy, or leave you’re comments below. Don’t forget to visit daily for the best creative works from the most talented minds. Damn…this album is jamming for real! Also, one last shout out to Richard Desire for solid work on the production end!


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