I don’t follow up too much on the hype surrounding music that is going to drop, so this record came out of nowhere to me. I posted the music stream a couple days back, and have been sitting with the record now for a few days. Lyrically, on 50 and Em’s part…the record is solid. 50 is back, rapping with some passion, and Eminem doesn’t get on a record unless he’s going to kill it. I previously stated that this wasn’t the type of record I expected from artists of this caliber, but after watching it with visuals  I do appreciate it more. I really felt they should have pushed the limits with Adam Levine’s part, but I also get that they were trying to make a commercial hit with this one. This record will do well on the radio, and the average music listener will be excited about this. I personally think the video sucks, because there’s no plot behind it…just a lot of money being spent on renting a helicopter and shooting film at night…but hey…you got it…BALL OUT! Either way, the record is still good…so it’s still worth the CLP stamp of approval. This video is pushing 3 million views since it’s initial YouTube release, approximately 24 hours ago. Dope.


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