Today, 50 Cent, decided he was going to start rapping again. This was only days after he decided he was done fucking with major labels…opting to go the independent route for this stage of career. I heard this Hold On record a few days back, and didn’t love it…and though the visuals are simple…they made me appreciate the record even more. There’s something remarkable about the clarity and authenticity in 50’s voice.

50 cent, 50, hold on, hold up hold on

Unlike much of today’s rubbish excuse for gangsta music…or street music…there’s no doubt that when 50 visualizes street life through his lyrics…they come from a place of truth and actual understanding of street life. Enjoy this Hold On video, but pay special attention to how 50 raps. It’s pretty impressive for those of you who fell off his bandwagon. Animal Ambition is slated for a June 3rd release.


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