Cody Wilson has recently launched a project to make gun designs available through the internet for free download. Using a 3D printer, you’re able to print these designs and fabricate a functioning weapon, whether it be for defense or to fight. Many a controversy is cited from this feat.

Cody is labeled as being a crypto-anarchist, driving the availability of these designs while his motives are being questioned. The truth lies in the fact that all humans have the ability to create war. The Government, itself, is primarily founded on the appreciation of war, spending trillions of dollars on warfare and dominating defenseless countries.

During a time when gun laws frighten the defenses of civilization and Drones are prevalent in the U.S., Cody believes that each person is entitled to defend themselves. I can agree. In the same duality, it’s frightening what this could mean for the several people in the world who have not quite grasped the concept of defense verses war.

A 3D printer can be pretty pricey, current availability is negligible; however, months, maybe years from now… 3D printers will be available in all the homes of the US.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel empowered by the idea of being able to defend yourself? Or, are you frightened that your neighbor may have a bad day and click print. Duality, the very making of the Universe.

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